Fishing 1770  is our specialty we can also help with advise on 1770 Charters

Home of Agnes Jack and Agnes Jack's Tackle incorporating Tony's 1770 Reef Flys 


The Towns of 1770 and Agnes Water provide the visiting fisherman with a huge selection of fishing options.

Anything from rock fishing for large pelagic species such as Mackeral, Tuna, GT's, Golden Trevally as well as the occassional Sailfish and small Black Marlin. Estuary fishing for Mangrove Jack, Barramundi, Queenfish etc to some of the best offshore fishing available. Offshore species include Coral Trout, Red Emperor, Sweetlip, Snapper and the list goes on. In fact if it swims it's probably available in this area.  Our area is pristine, with plenty of fish and fishing options as we have been a well kept secret for a long time. If you want to relax and step back in time then our area is for you. Surrounded by National Parks and beautiful pristine beaches and estuaries enables you to just kick back and relax, in between fishing trips that is!